Embrace The Community To Get A Cannabis Win

Embrace the community to get a Cannabis win. You will not win a Cannabis Industry license and local permit, unless you show support of the community. After all, your business is in their town and county. They are the general public that live and work, plus their kids go to school where you are planning to hang a green cross.

People should know, even in the states where Cannabis has been legal for years, in most areas you must search hard to find where the dispensaries are located. People living in prohibition states, often believe that dispensaries and cultivation centers will be everywhere. It is a misconception, as the mind wonders, what it would be like to be able to buy pot from a shop, instead of from someone who just has it for sale. This exchange, called the black market, has pervaded our society long enough.

America should not lose sight of the people’s needs within the community. It is a reason why local governing entities, across the US, are becoming aware of foreign investors, mostly Canadian, trying to obtain pot licenses. These companies set up shop with the intention to write off and sell. The Cannabis wins are changing, now in October 2018, because locals are beginning to realize that the out of the country, even out of state investors, do not genuinely care about the community. For the most part, foreign holding companies in the Cannabis industry are inflating valuations so they can live large and sell off. No wonder local governments need more time to investigate companies wishing to get a Cannabis win.

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