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Tammy Lou’s Social Media Tips: Missouri’s… Cannabis Industry Insider™

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Tammy Lou’s Social Media Tips:

Tamara Horvath, the Cannabis Industry Insider™ from Missouri, weighs in on how she went from unplugged workaholic, to become a social media specialist in the Cannabis space.

“I remember hearing our president’s words after the election. It got me into social media, big time,” says Tammy Lou, MMJ advocate and Missouri native. “President Trump said that social media is where it’s at!”

Tammy Lou tells me that she has had lots of attention in the past year on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube because of her open transparency about medical Cannabis, plus her quirky Cannabis Industry Cartoons™ and Cannabis Video Funnies.™

Her journey into the Social Media scene started in 2014. “I got on Facebook, late in the game, when everybody else had been on it for a while. This is where I had a lot of fun, posting my Tammy’s Tips on gardening. But I was, a little discouraged though” she says, “when my thought-provoking posts lost views to a friend, who gets all his buddies to miraculously comment when he either fries an egg or vacuums his living room. The whole phenomenon had me intrigued, and made me wonder about the real secrets of social media.”

In tandem with Facebook, Tammy Lou says that she also eased into social media on Pinterest. Her love for food, flowers and garden ideas stormed a whirlwind of creativity using this popular app.

Today, close to the publishing of her horticulture textbook, Tammy Lou says, “I have put viewer photos on my GROWOPS Pinterest board for public viewing. I wanted to give the great folks, who authorized using their photos, a chance to see them before the textbook is printed,” Tammy remarked on September 17, 2018.

People often wonder how Tamara Horvath got so involved in the Missouri Cannabis campaign. She tells me, “After friends, who knew I graduated college with a degree in Horticulture, kept asking me questions about what was happening in the Cannabis space, I decided to do some digging.” She laughs again and says “That’s how I became The Cannabis Industry Insider.™”

Tammy humbly remarks, “It is just a job title, that someday soon, I hope, will help send my twin sons to college. I just pray every day, that our efforts here in the Cave State, will result in Missourians having safe access to medical Cannabis. I am happy to help guide Missouri in the process, and I will vote YES on Ammendment 2 in November 2018.”

Tammy Lou also said that she has been working since November 2016 studying and collecting information on Cannabis industry trends and creating industry analytics related to workforce development. Cannabis industry education is Tammy Lou’s mission statement for her upcoming new textbook: GROWOPS.

She states, “It really is the most intriguing, flowering plant that I’ve ever studied. Wait until Missourians learn about this tropical plant! If they are following #tamarahorvath then, well, stay tuned!”

She then concluded my interview. Tamara Horvath’s upcoming publication is designed as a horticulture textbook. “GROWOPS Cannabis Pop Culture Book 1” will be at select newsstands soon.

Tammy says that she looks forward to new Cannabis industry connections as medical Cannabis legalization takes hold in Missouri. She jokingly chuckles in conclusion of the interview, “I learned a long time ago, to try to make people laugh, otherwise they think that you are tryin’ to be uppity. I’m not stuck up, at all. I just have this kind of confidence that I get from Daddy. We’ll call it, Firm.”

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Written by John Bartholomew

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