Cannabis Industry Chapter 9

Seed Consideration for Cannabis GROWOPS

Seed consideration for Cannabis GROWOPS should include feminized seed. Plants from feminized seed will have feminine DNA, more female buds. Also, best for GROWOPS seed, especially for Medical Marijuana, is unpollinated seed. This type produces plants which are known to exhibit dense flower buds and sticky plant secretions. Unpollinated seed spends energy producing Cannabinoids, THC and higher sugar levels. Plants of this kind do not spend energy on sexual reproduction and flowering.

Commercial Cannabis growers do not use regular seeds with unknown origins and characteristics. Regular seeds are known as 50/50 seeds, meaning there is a 50% chance that the crop will have female plants.

Autoflowering seed is not commonly used in commercial GROWOPS. These seeds produce a plant which deviates from photoperiodism reliant, to flowering phases based on timing. Cannabis plants from autoflowering seed do not respond to light scheduling. Plants will not have the light photosensitivity that GROWOPS prefer.




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