Cannabis Industry

Growing Cannabis for the Legal Marijuana Industry has Evolved into 6/2 Cycling of Photoperiodism

Growing Cannabis for the legal Cannabis industry has evolved into 6/2 Cycling of Photoperiodism. Biologically, the Cannabis plant sets flower buds according to the amount of continuous dark period. Known as the dark period of photosynthesism, this part of the plant’s life cycle must be understood as one moves forward into GROWOPS.

Today’s horticultural practice of 6/2 cycling of Photoperiodism, allows the plant to cool down more frequently, leaving a less stressed plant. The older, alternative of 18/6 cycling of Photoperiodism can prevent plant maximization by stressing the plant to the point of curled leaves and droopy canopy. 6/2 cycling is used to get plants maximized in the vegetative growth state. As the room of plants mature, the grow ops manager gradually increases the dark period to slow down the vegetative stage and promote the flowering stage of growth. When the dark period is increased gradually, then reaches over 12 hours of darkness, flower buds form on Cannabis.

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